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Wringkle-wall Aluminium foil container mould

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Company basic information

Product details


  • Material steel

  • shaping mode punching mold

  • package seaworthy wooden crate

  • product household products

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 set


1. Long life and Easily install and regulate
2. High precision and stable
3. Reasonable design
4. High quality steel


Wrinkle-wall aluminium foil container mould

Our aluminum foil container mould work stable and reliable, long life, light structure, convenient maintenance and can adapt to different aluminum foil material.
Aluminum foil container moulds have the following features:  1. The moulds that we design and produce are suitable for almost every kinds of machine or press.
  2. We produce mould with the best quality steel in China. And some main mould areas are made high-temperature head treatment for proper hardness, which ensure moulds are in great quality and long life.  3. To meet customers’ different requirement, we design and manufacture the mould in several rims, such as G rim, L rim, H rim, and IVC etc.  4. We can design and produce the mould in multi-cavities; no matter it is one compartment container or multi-compartment container.  5. In order to save foil material cost, we has innovated “zero-web” moulds. This kind of moulds will reduce lots of foil scrap.
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