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Coal tub rips wrapping paper of food of pet snacks freeze-dry easily Gai Mi seals light carton drum

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unit price: 1.85 USD/
Min order: 1
Total Supply: 10000
Delivery period: From the date of payment by the buyer 1 Shipped within days
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2019-03-27 09:43
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Qingdao justice adds up to beneficial to package data limited company

Coal tub rips wrapping paper of food of pet snacks freeze-dry easily Gai Mi seals dimension of light carton drum: 53*120mm utility: The packing characteristic of pet food, things: The arrangement that can improve a product on certain level at manufacturer justice add up to beneficial to pack company brief introduction: The company held water 2011, register fund 20 million yuan. They have home's advanced beehive chipboard to produce spread cables, 5mm of beehive chipboard Bao Keda, wide cut can amount to 1600mm. We have paper to protect horny product line at the same time 2, paper provides product line 1, paper canister production machines equipment 6, corrugated box product line 1. Our main client has: The world such as glass of crystal of oil of the grain in Hai Jia of freezer of letter of sea of electron of Er of Wei lane song, Qingdao, beneficial, gold is famous enterprise, also a lot of home's well-known company resembles promoting nation electric equipment, Shandong log of Sha of Lu Yang, dimension. Justice add up to beneficial to pack each check that has him product to measure the quality canal with be had lab, mature to accuse system and. The company has stuff 108 people, among them personnel of research and development 5, qualitative check personnel 10. Faculty executes integral to control government, every months of bottom has employee to commend congress, stimulate heart of active dynamic role of the worker, responsibility and creativity in the round. The fixed position of the company: Of the bellwether company of box of paper of environmental protection beehive wish scene: The product is excelsior, the service is professional and considerate do world top-ranking green to pack data vendor; The mission of the company: Top-ranking product serves low carbon world, environmental protection material packs industrial life. The viewpoint of value of the company: Sincere letter win-win is thankful innovation group. We the beehive carton product that here hope justice combines beneficial to pack can cross a China to move toward the world

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