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Taidaduo functional packer - peaceful amounts to machinery (online seek advice) - packer

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latest update: 2019-03-27 09:43
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Shandong peaceful is amounted to catch whole mechanism limited company

The operation is used full automatic mode, expect on, bale, length calculator. Reduce bale position automatically to particular length machine, the machine that wear silk wears iron wire automatically (plastic rope) need cotton rope of artificial bundle up only at this moment, peaceful is amounted to full automatic packer, iron wire but automatic bundle up, packer holds brachial lengthen in the arms, waste paper walks more in machine interior a paragraph of distance, make waste paper more handsome.

Efficient sex: The design has change way of two kinds of works automatically with the hand, little when but one person finishs all hitting to wrap working; to deserve to have length set unit, should bag piece is achieved after booking length, give out remind, when assembling a car, can choose different length according to the length of automobile body include a type.

High density spends: Than before packer of box of small-sized waste paper increased systematic pressure, consolidate each airframe components, make bale density is bigger. Overall service life is lengthened.

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