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Manufacturer of carton of rows of tiles on a roof of box of egg gift package is custom-built, full a

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unit price: 2.68 USD/
Min order: 1
Total Supply: 5000000
Delivery period: From the date of payment by the buyer 2 Shipped within days
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2019-03-27 09:43
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District of Guangzhou city the Milky way bead auspicious brightness paper tastes a processing factory

Carton of case of the 6 eggs case that pack rows of tiles on a roof carries product of carton of rows of tiles on a roof of the name of an article of specification of parameter of product of corrugated paper box stringy box dimension asks by the product custom-built amount 1000pcs rises custom-built, carton is packed custom-built, the amount is larger, the price is lower, material of proposal amount 5000PCS pressworks character face paper: Grey foundation white board; Copy paper corrugated paper: E arris, b rows of tiles on a roof, BE arris, AB arris pressworks color pressworks craft color pressworks, laminating, paper of hole of back up rows of tiles on a roof, the model is cut shape, bind about benefit brightness carton packs factory Guangzhou the factory of carton of benefit brightness rows of tiles on a roof that pack is a professional production corrugated paper box / of paper box large the factory that pack. The company basically pressworks carton of custom-built product rows of tiles on a roof, box of colour of rows of tiles on a roof, chromatic paper box, carton is packed make, gift package box, the fruit packs a box, food packs a box, special local product packs a box, electronic product is packed wait for Guangzhou the factory of carton of benefit brightness rows of tiles on a roof that pack held water 2003, devote oneself to carton to pack production to make all the time, the company is had brand-new printing machine of Hai Debao 8+1UV, printing machine of Luo Lan 700UV, hai Debao runs from opposite directions 4 kinds printing machine, match stock complete set full automatic the box that pack produces equipment, full automatic machine of back up paper 2, full automatic the model cuts forming machine, full automatic machine of bind of corrugated paper box, full automatic the equipment such as laminating machine, can make sure large quantities of quantities pack manufacturing shipment. Guangzhou benefit brightness the factory of corrugated paper box that pack is dedicated pack 20 years at carton, the manufacturing group that having major and form a complete set are full automatic change manufacturing facilities, in the carton of each industries the production that pack is designed there is rich experience in making. The advantage that carton packs factory fact to pat us 1. The design of the box that pack that we are having 20 years of above pressworks manufacturing experience, having sufficient knowledge to be not being packed with industry carton. From design research and development, to the production that make, the quality that is a product and goods period provide safe safeguard. 2. We have powerful manufacturing group, with presswork advancedly and pack manufacturing facilities. Having full automatic product line of corrugated paper box, day all volume of shipment of production of corrugated paper box can amount to 80 thousand. Can make sure large order batch is produced. 3. We are fountainhead pressworks plant of the production that pack, purchase a design to presswork from raw material make reach product line of one continuous line of the production after imprinting, can save custom-built cost greatly for you. Design and charge of draw a design pack a box to belong to custom-built product, normally the circumstance falls, we can design draw a design first, in order to ensure the client is satisfactory till, before designing draw a design, fraction of our meeting collection designs charge of draw a design, if decide big money batch is produced, we can return design and charge of draw a design. Carton packs factory production fact to pat

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