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Carton of city of shade of the river that do not have stannum packs design case to welcome to kiss a

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Bank originality of lake area Ba Mu designs a center

On March 19, 2019, ba Mu originality designs a center to publish! Without stannum high-grade carton packs a design which are strong, foundation of Ba Mu group is to respect each members, include individual value, interest and achievement to wait a moment. . . Our group core is to cooperate in coordination, democracy unites.

The standardization that pack is concern item with what pack (if pack etc of the dimension, equipment that pack, material that pack, craft that pack relevant activity) for the object, mix through formulate executive standard, store up with ensuring article to be in, the safety in carry and be being sold facilitates and managing, improve the working process of benefit of social economic integration thereby. Pack general with carry and reserve requirement is linked together cheek by jowl, accordingly, the serious content in the standardization that pack is standardization of the dimension that pack. The dimension that pack is standardized even if goods current the dimension of all sorts of medium goods that pack simplifies with standardization method, all comes along. In international and home, the current situation of current to goods system and development trend did people a large number of survey and forecast, the result was sure collect holds a form is the dominant form with prospective current goods. Accordingly, in each link with current goods, rising

Use protection or packing show a product, want those who satisfy it to reveal need with protection function sex, pack should consider economy, when the product bales, go to the lavatory, pack purchase convenient, cost is low, environmental protection. Include the essential factor of a few link that installs a design, the decorate design that pack is not pure picture adornment, it must be certain goods news communicate and the vision is aesthetic the design that communicates photograph union. With respect to the function character, if say the modelling structure that pack basically should fulfil particular corporeal function, so, the decorate that pack is emphasized it is certain to finish aesthetic communicate a function, a kind of advertisement that the picture design of a consumer package is pair of content content actually is publicized. Must note concise, clear, distinctive advertisement result, this is contemporary a when the decorate that pack designs important characteristic, design of the decorate that pack basically is reflected in graphical design, color

The design that pack is carry be opposite with the mankind of visual figure maintain and design, better to promote goods sale goes out. Basically include: Design of design of the modelling that pack, the structure that pack and design of the decorate that pack (its concept everybody but oneself start work searched) . The design that pack I feel to should note the following problems: 1, the dimension that understands a product; 2, the appearance that understands a product; 3, the use that understands a product. Of course above when is this to want to undertake communication with the businessman, the hour that your cerebra imagination shows to you from the back.

Pack the analysis that designs science, basically pack 3 respects: The modelling that pack, structure and decorate are designed. One, design of the modelling that pack. Call body design again, point to the modelling of container mostly. It applies the function that pack and exterior beauty aesthetic principle, the change that waits for an element through configuration, colour has container model, with visual form expression comes out. Container must can reliable ground protects a product, must have good outward appearance, still need to have the economy that suits to wait. 2, design of the structure that pack. Be wait for basic function and production from the protection that pack, convenient sex, durability actual condition sets out, basis science principle is exterior to what pack the design that have specific consideration with internal composition and gets. According to the need of the product, a fine structure is designed, ought to protect commodity with effective ground, in addition still need to take an examination of

The design that pack more accord with aesthetic requirement. The design that pack notices besides what should attract customer besides, the psychology of the aesthetic appeal that should satisfy people more needs. The seriation of the design that pack is behaved so that rationality depends on it according with the constitute principle in formal aesthetic, get used to the aesthetic view of broad consumer and psychological demand. This is one advocates the times of individual character, the goods that every sells, want to gain big market, the key is to must make a client right the commodity aesthetic of place choose and buy and reliant feeling. The design that pack is obtained on the style consistent. The packing place in the life presents us or extensive is enjoyable, or beautiful carefully and nearly, or pure and fresh quietly elegant, or elegant, or rich and multifarious, or contracted and pure. No matter like, glad meed is denied, the feeling that can abound with us however produces resonance. The packing design with different style formed kingdom of the design that pack jointly

On March 19, 2019, ba Mu designs a report, be at ease without stannum carton packs a design how to be chosen, ba Mu is designed is the vogue of a new fighting spirit, design that surmounts his ceaselessly center, to have keep in mind at founding, the industry that cultivates high grade brand offers professional and effective brand to design a service.

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