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Tri Band GSM900 1800 3G Cell Phone Booster

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  • Size28cm x 20cm x 8cm

  • Weight3.00kg / piece

  • Min Order1 piece


Power Tri Band GSM900 DCS1800 3G2100 Cell Phone Booster,


Power Tri Band Repeater Description
Power Tri Band Repeater Specification
Power Tri Band Repeater Features
Power Tri Band Repeater Accessories

GSM900/4G1800/3G2100 Tri-Band Signal Booster

The most powerful triple band signal booster designed to provide you with significant improvements in all of 2G and 3G mobile phone coverages and data transmissions.

The latest digital design featured a bunch of advanced functions, including MGC (Manual Gain Control), RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), intelligent interference elimination technology of ALC (Auto Level Control) and AGC, and hidden mounting bracket.

Because of upgraded 65/73dB gain, the repeater system can cover bigger areas. You need to buy the outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and coaxial cable to setup a complete repeater system.

Frequency:  GSM900MHz uplink: 890-915MHz Downlink:  935-960MHz

                    3G2100MHz  Uplink: 1920-1990MHz  Downlink: 2110-2180MHz

                    4G1800MHz Uplink: 1710~1785MHz  Downlink: 1805~1880MHz



Max Output Power:+23dBm/±3DBM Total power



Connector Type: N-F

Compact Design:Indoor Use

Operating Temperature:-10-60

Power Supply:AC 110/220V

Coverage Area: 1000m2


Weight : 1.5kg

Power Tri Band GSM900 DCS1800 3G2100 Cell Phone Repeater is applicable to blind spot signal amplification in various indoor places such as conference halls, hotels, and the bottom of large buildings.

Expand the base station signal coverage area.

Improve the coverage of transmitting and receiving mobile phone signals.

Reduce cell phone radiation to the human body.

Prolong the battery life and life of mobile phones.

The installation is easy, flexible, flexible configuration according to the specific situation.

Product environmental protection, small size, low cost.

Full-duplex work, high isolation on the up/down.

The use of advanced digital filtering technology, external suppression is particularly good.

The coverage scheme is economical and reasonable. The isolation of the receiving and transmitting antennas is good and no interference will occur.

The outdoor overflow signal is small and does not interfere with the base station reception sensitivity.

Casting integration, fully enclosed shell, beautiful and durable.

Amplifier host: 1 piece

Outdoor antenna: 1 piece

Indoor antenna: 1 piece

Power supply: 1 piece 

Cable: 10m(outdoor)+5m (indoor)

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