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Quantitative filter paper

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Product details


  • Type Qualitative

  • Material Cotton Pulp

  • Usage Other

  • Width 60*60

  • Thickness 0.3mm

  • whiteness filter paper

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 box


circular of the specifications of the paper acD9cm D7cm, diameter, D11cm, D12.5 cm, D15cm and D18c


ingredientsQuantitative filter paper in the process of manufacture, the pulp treated with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and pass by distilled water, washing to remove most of the paper fiber impurities, so very little residual ash after burning, almost does not affect the result of the analysis, suitable for precise quantitative analysis.After the ashing of ash is superOver 0.0009%.

[1]2 classificationQuantitative analysis of the current domestic production of filter paper, fast, medium speed and low speed three categories, respectively on the filter paper box with white (fast), blue ribbon (intermediate), red (slow) for classification.The appearance of filter paper, which has two kinds of round and square, circular of the specifications of the paper according to the score D9cm D7cm, diameter, D11cm, D12.5 cm, D15cm and D18cm several kinds.Square quantitative filter paper of 60 cm * 60 cm and 30 cm * 30 cm.

(1]Three purposesQuantitative filter paper is mainly used for filtering need ashing weighing analysis after the experiment, the quantitative chemical analysis of gravimetric method analysis experiment and the corresponding analysis, its each filter paper after ashing ash weight is a fixed value;General qualitative filter is used to filter function, that is, the qualitative chemical analysis and the corresponding filter separation.

Quantitative filter paper and qualitative difference lies in the ashing of the filter paper to produce the quantity of ash: qualitative filter paper no more than 0.13%,

quantitative filter paper is not equal to more than 0.0009%.No gray it is a kind of quantitative filter paper, filter paper its ash content is less than 0.1 mg, this weight on the analysis of the balance can be neglected.Pay attention to the quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper these two concepts are cellulose filter paper, does not apply to other types of filter paper, such as glass fiber filter paper.

[1]The pore diameter of 4 filter paperFast: aperture is 80 ~ 120 micronsMedium: aperture is 30 ~ 50 micronsSlow: aperture of 1 ~ 3 microns

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